Arcade Vintage is a Cultural Association founded to preserve and publicize  the culture related to the world of arcade saloons and machines of the 70s, 80s and 90s and, in general, the classic videogames and its history.

The Arcade Vintage Video Game Museum is the natural evolution of its project and finds in the city of Ibi the perfect synergy with one of its most ambitious proposals: the Valencian Museum of Toys, which annually receives more than 22,000 visits.

This, coupled with an ideal location, given by the City of Ibi, as is the old Toy Rico Factory, allows Arcade Vintage to take an important step forward in the preservation and divulgation of video games as an integral part of contemporary culture.

The Arcade Vintage Video Game Museum is designed for all ages from 6 years on, where they will enjoy a collective space where interaction, creativity and dovulgation will be the main attractions.

Thanks to the important institutional support of the City Council of Ibi, the effort of the Arcade Vintage Video Game Museum, with the sponsorship of outstanding companies like GAME and Disfrazzes, and the collaboration of the rest of arcade associations, video game developers, disseminators, preservers and restorers of our country, the following activities are developed from the Arcade Vintage Video Game Museum in Ibi:

  • An interactive permanent exhibition of 900m2 with the Arcade Vintage collection of arcade machines, pinballs, retro-computers, retro consoles and videogames, composed of more than 300 pieces, where you can find out about its history and evolution, both in Spain and outside of our country.
  • Free play sessions for all ages.
  • Temporary exhibitions about videogame history, preservation of classic videogames, its relationship with other arts such as music, cinema or comics, arcade machine restorations, new developers, videogame literature, illustrations, etc.
  • Guided visits to schools, institutes and universities.
  • Talks and round tables of national references in the development, preservation, restoration, classic videogame and divulgation of the arcade genre.
  • Workshops and arcade themed courses: video game programming, create your own arcade machine, restoration of machines, computers and consoles …
  • Preservation of arcade video games and documentation.
  • Arcadeological expeditions through Spain and Europe.
  • Acquisition of new pieces for the museum.
  • Acquisition of latest news in the arcade genre (virtual reality, etc).
  • Acquisition of new references for the museum’s library.
  • Creation of machines dedicated to new Spanish video games.
  • Incubator of development of new Spanish video games.
  • Incubator of new arcade associations.
  • Advice on professional opportunities in the videogame sector.
  • Advice on the responsible use of video games and parental control.
  • Organization of solidarity days.
  • Organization of national arcade tournaments (classics, fighting games) and pinballs.
  • Organization of the ArcadeCon national congress, a meeting for developers and arcade associations, celebrating its 5th edition in 2019.