The microcomputers came to the homes with the excuse of helping us to do our homework, but they gave infinite evenings of play to children and adults. Learn about the origins of computers and be amazed by what these machines have evolved from their origins until now.

This is the retrocomputers collection that will exhibitied on a rotating basis:

Acorn Archimedes 3020
Acorn Bbc Master
Acorn Electron
Alice Matra Et Hachette
Amper Exeltel Exelvision
Amstrad CPC 464 (Firmada por los Oliver Twins)
Amstrad CPC 6128
Amstrad CPC 6128
Amstrad CPC 664
Amstrad CPC Plus
Amstrad PC 2086
Amstrad PCW
Amstrad PPC512
Apple IIe
Apple I-Mac
Apple Mackintosh 512
Apple Mackintosh Plus
Apple Newton 300
Apple Powermac 7200
Atari 1040 STfm
Atari 400
Atari 520 ST
Atari 65 XE
Atari 800 XL
Atari Terminator Ii
Canon Communicator X
Colecovision Adam
Commodore 128
Commodore 64 Breadbin
Commodore 64c
Commodore 64g
Commodore Amiga 1200
Commodore Amiga 2000
Commodore Amiga 500
Commodore Amiga 600
Commodore PET 3008
Commodore SX-64 Portable
Commodore VIC-20
Compaq Portable III Fósforo Naranja
Computer Electro
Computer Famicom
Dragon 32
Enterprise 128
HP-87 UX
IBM 5150
IBM 5155 Portable
IBM PC Junior
IBM Portatil 486
Laser 310
Loewe Multicom
Mattel Aquarius
MSX Al-Alamiha AH-200
MSX Canon V-20
MSX Casio MX-101
MSX Mitsubishi Ml-Fx1
MSX Pioneer PXV-60
MSX Yeno-Talent DPC64
Olivetti Pc100s
Olivetti Prodest
Oric Atmos
Oric One
Osborne I
Panasonic MSX2+ FS A1wx
Panasonic MSX2 FS A1f Mkii
Panasonic MSX2 FS A1 MK Rojo
Panasonic MSX2 National FSs4600
Panasonic MSX CF-2700
Panasonic MSX National CF-2000
Panasonic Turbo R A1st
Philips MSX2 Nms 8220
Philips MSX2 Nms 8245
Philips MSX2 Vg 8235
Philips MSX Vg 8010
Philips MSX Vg 8020
Philips NMS 9200 CGA
Philips P2000t
Sanyo MSX2+ Wavy 70fd
Sanyo MSX2 Mpc-23j
Sanyo MSX Mpc-200
Sanyo MSX Phc-28s
Servidor Netfinity I
Sharp MZ80
Sharp Pc 7000 Monocromo
Sharp X68000 Ace HD
Sinclair PC 200
Sinclair QL
Sinclair Spectrum +2
Sinclair Spectrum + Investronica
Sinclair Spectrum 128 Toastrack
Sinclair Spectrum 48k (Firmada por los Oliver Twins)
Sinclair ZX +3
Sinclair ZX80
Sinclair ZX81 Timex
Sony MSX2 HB-700s
Sony MSX2 HB F1
Sony MSX2 HB – F9s
Sony MSX HB 101p
Sony MSX HB 10 P
Sony MSX HB 201p
Sony MSX HB 20p
Sony MSX Hit Bit HB-55p
Sony MSX Hit Bit HB-75
Spectravideo 328
Sun Microsystems Server UNIX IV
Tandy 1000
Tandy RadioShack Color Computer Ii
Tandy RadioShack Mc-10
Tandy RadioShack Trs-80 Coco
Tatung Einstein
Texas Instruments Ti/99
Thomson To05
Toshiba MSX Toshiba HX-10
Toshiba MSX Toshiba HX-20 Passiopia
USSR Soviet Robik